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Nothing is more important than the privacy of our customer, and we know your concern also. We obliged that we will be handling your data with top-notch safety.

With our privacy policies and the terms, we are clearing showing you that how we are using your data that is provided by you.

Make sure that you keep reviewing the privacy policies because we are updating it from time to time that's why must check it out.

What Do we gather From You?

In any operation where our website is providing your services, the data in a small amount will be collected from you. The below given are some basic operations when we collect your data, check out all-

  • When you visit our website and use any of the resources, then a basic detail is gathered. We collect location data, traffic data, weblogs and other related details that can help us make our website better.
  • If you fill any form or sign up, then we definitely collect details like your name, age, password and few more things.
  • When you collect to our support team or the site, then we also collect data of you where we will be emailing you that's why you contact details are recorded.

These are some common cases in which we will be storing your data. There will be no chances that we will collect CC or DC data.

All about Cookies

We can collect data from cookies, but there will be very rare cases to approach that. It is mainly to improve our services to make our website better, and our advertisers will use that information. But, the detail won't be shared with anyone which can unveil your identity. We are collecting the statistical data only which is related to the fact that how they used our website. The cookies files also let us know that about your common internet use to get more details. Your PC will automatically download the cookies and other details which will be stored in your storage drive. The cookies will help us improving the website and bringing relevant advertisement and such other suggestions.To decline cookies, you can head over to cookies and decline all. But, if you disable cookies, then our site may not work properly, and you can find the unstable website.

Using Your Information

Wondering that how we use your data? Well, we are focused on the GDPR privacy policies and it the major part here.

As mentioned before, data collected from you help us improve our services and enhance website performance to keep working without any issue. The below given are some common works where we are using your data–

  • If you are making any sort of request on our website, then we use your information to contact you. It can be related to any kind of product or service that you want. We will send your information only if you give us permission for the services or product.
  • As if we are changing any policy or other information, we will use your details to notify you about that.

These are the only cases when the third parties or we may provide your information. But, it will be done if you provide us permissions about that. In case you don’t want us to use your data, give us the consent where you can decline. We won’t be using your information now. Your data will be secured and won’t be sold to anyone in any case. The transaction details are purely encrypted to keep your data safe.

Important Note: The online data transmission is not secure in many cases and we do not take warranty to protect your data transmission. We are only taking responsibility for the actions you are taking on our website. The data transmissions at your own risk so take care of that and make sure you take care of password safety and other confidential details on your own.

Exposer of Information

In a few cases, we can reveal your personal details in the team or the group. The data contain subsidiaries and such other holding companies.

  • If we sell our business to third party and information of our customers can be shared in fewer circumstances.
  • As per the legally required or notice from laws, we have to reveal your details which are stored about you.
  • Fraudsters are everywhere, and if we find any fraud or another issue, we are also going to unveil the basic information.

Along with these reasons, there are few more circumstances that can be related to prevention of fraud and we can share your details.

Role of Third Party Links

To offer the best services, third-party services are playing an important role here. And each third party also have their different privacy policies (can be similar also). If you click on any link, then you are going to agree their terms and condition along with privacy policies. And, we don't have any access to them, and we don't take any sort of responsibility for those websites.

Cancellation of Services is always ready to serve customers, and we try the best to satisfy your needs. The below given are some policies of cancellation –

  • If you are canceling an order or making the request in next 24 hours of the purchase. But, the cancellation won't be considered if we started working on the services and ready to deliver to you.
  • On the delivery day of your service, we can’t take your cancelation request into consideration because the work has begun or about to complete.
  • In case you have used our services and wanted the refund then we are not going to refund in such cases.

There are many times when you don’t get what we are offering you then we can take your refund into consideration and provide the money back in 24 hours of cancelation. It can take maximum take seven days as per your bank acceptance of payment.

What is Our Refund Policy?

We are offering you the one-day money back guarantee where we can refund you the money of item purchased. But, if you are not satisfied with the services, then we can consider your cancellation and refund of money.

It will be better to contact us if you want to refund and you can contact us with the purchase details. We don't have a single issue with the refund, and we will be gladly going to refund you the amount. Make sure to give us your valuable feedback so that we can improve our services.It will help in improving our products also. You can try all the services and get rid of all the issues.

If you have used our services, then we are not going to refund because you have used the points that we delivered to you. The maximum days we take to refund is only 7, and you won't get a single issue about the refund.

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